Special Projects

Turkey Toilet

Turkey Toilets  “Yes, I said Turkey Toilets” Thanks to Randy Showalter (associated with the Wild Turkey Federation) who has a vivid imagination, I was asked to paint a wild turkey’s body on an abandoned toilet Randy found in a ditch! It turned out to be a success as it was carted around by Randy to serve as a ticket bowl for drawings at Wild Turkey Federation meetings.

Randy approached me to paint a second turkey toilet. This was a brand new toilet…I was certainly moving up in the world! This toilet was auctioned off to raise money at the 1998 National Convention of the Wild Turkey Federation in Indianapolis. Who would want a turkey toilet? It was purchased by John L. Morris, owner of Bass Pro Shops. Mr. Morris and his friend, General Norman Schwarzkopf, carried my toilet to his waiting limousine and flew it back to Springfield, Missouri. What became of my toilet……….. who knows? All I know is that this is as close as I have come to riding in a limo!